See the 10-Year Karma cycle of politicians and famous people, including Steve Jobs, DSK, Mubarak, Mike Bloomberg, John Gotti, Karl Lagerfeld, Anthony Weiner, etc.

UPDATE September 10, 2014:

Just like the Obama-Romney election in 2012, the 10-year Karma chart really helped predict the winner and loser in the NY Senate District 11 race between Tony Avella and John Liu. Scroll down this blog to see the Obama and Romney 10-year Karma chart. Also, scroll down to see John Liu’s 10-Year Karma chart.

Although John Liu out-raised Tony Avella in campaign donations by (I believe 4-to-1 margin), when Lady Luck has abandoned John Liu since his 2011 Karma turning point year, no amount of money can buy you a political job that require thousands of voters’ consent. During this heated race, John Liu not only displayed his ugly side toward Tony Avella, he also showed he is an UNclassy man toward Tim Wu and Andrew Cuomo. Liu was lying on NY1 Inside City Hall debate with Avella hinting that somehow the frequent airplane noise over NE Queens happened around the time Tony Avella first became NY Senator in 2010, Liu chuckled and sounded gleeful to hint that Avella was the cause of the airplane noise. HELLO! NY Assemblyman Ed Braunstein (D-Bayside) also first became Assemblyman in 2010, so did Braunstein caused the frequent airplane noise in NE Queens?

Liu also showed he is an UNclassy man by making extremely hostile statements reacting to Tim Wu’s endorsement of him. Likewise, on the WNYC radio Brian Lehrer’s show, Liu made very sick-sounding noise when he made a shady reply on the “Who does he endorse in the NY Governor race? Cuomo or Teachout?”. The Brian Lehrer’s radio interview should be available as podcast, take a listen to John Liu making that sick-sounding noise.

Again, the 10-Year Karma chart for Tony Avella is not easy to analyze due to limited data available to the public. But John Liu’s Karma Chart is MUCH EASIER to do, his chart just SCREAMS OUT: “After 2011, Get the hell out of voter-elected political jobs“.

UPDATE August 8, 2014:

Pardon for the belated 10-Year Karma Charting on Tony Avella. My information is limited to his Wikipedia profile and the local news coverage on his legislative work as a local politician. At first, I was unsure. But once I stick with Avella’s more than 10 years of continuous service as an elected politician (from 2002 – 2014 present time), it becomes very clear to me that he is well within his second consecutive period of 10-Year Good Luck period. NOTE that Avella won his first-term City Council election in Nov 2001, and Avella won his second-term NY Senate election in Nov 2012 in a landslide victory. This indicates to me that Avella‘s 10-Year Karma was not over by 2011. Hence in 2014, Avella is definitely within his second consecutive period of 10-Year Good Luck Karma period. Feel free to re-visit this blog page after the September 9, 2014 Primary Election.

Political life is very different from a regular job. In a regular job, you only have to please your boss (1 person) and perhaps his/her boss to save your job. In politics, you need enormous popularity to win the hearts and votes of thousands of people which require excellent Good Karma Luck.

Tony Avella – born October 27, 1951 in the USA. I am uncertain exactly when his 10-year Karma Luck changes, because Avella basically served as an aide or chief of staff to several local politicians (Peter Vallone, Sr, Ed Koch, David Dinkins, Leonard Stavisky and Toby Stavisky) for over 20 years. Many data are not provided. But one unique thing about Political life is the quote above. In order to win the votes of a large group of people, you need enormous amount of luck.

I cannot say definitely whether Avella’s 10-Year Karma Luck changes when the year ended with “1”, or “2” or some other numbers (when he was first elected to City Council in 2001 and officially began his term on January 1, 2002). But what I can say is that Avella got re-elected as State Senator in 2012 with about 3/4 of the votes (won in a landslide in 2012). This shows that Avella has 2nd consecutive 10-Year Karma Luck.

In November 2001, Avella won the 19th District NYC City Council election. He began serving in City Council on January 1, 2002.

In November, 2005, Avella won re-election in the 19th District NYC City Council election. He continued his second term on January 1, 2006 till December 31, 2009.

Note that Avella had one gap year in 2010. He tried but failed to topple ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the Fall 2009 Mayoral election. Scroll down to read Michael Bloomberg’s 10-Year Karma Chart. In 2009, Bloomberg still had about 1 more year of enormously good 10-year Karma Luck left. In 2009, Bloomberg was still within his “I can do NO wrong even if I did something bad” type of 10-Year Good Karma Luck period. In 2010, Bloomberg finally entered his 10-Year of BAD Karma period, facing heavy criticism for the mishandling of Blizzard 2010 while he was vacationing in Bermuda, the Cathy Black fiasco, etc. This shows that Avella may have 10-Year Karma Luck on his side to win a regional State Senate election in November 2010, but his Karma luck wasn’t as strong as Michael Bloomberg‘s.

In November 2010, Avella beat 38-year incumbent Frank Padavan in the 11th District State Senate election. He began serving in the NY Senate on January 1, 2011.

In November 2012, Avella easily won re-election against GOP candidate John Concannon in the 11th District State Senate election. He continues to serve his second term on January 2013.

In summary, Tony Avella has been in public office from 2002 to the 2014 present time (with one gap year in 2010). Basically, Avella has been carrying the Good Luck Karma period for more than 13 years so far. In fairness, when Avella went head-to-head with Michael Bloomberg in 2009. Bloomberg still had 1 year remained in his enormously Lucky lifetime, so Avella naturally was no match to Bloomberg in 2009. But we all saw that Bloomberg became significantly weakened starting in 2010 (from Cathy Black fiasco, to Blizzard 2010 Blunder, etc). New Yorkers chose ultra-liberal left-leaning Democrat Bill de Blasio in 2013 as the next Mayor partly because they were fed up with the conservative Bloomberg.

In contrast, read Avella‘s current opponent John Liu‘s 10-Year Karma Chart. John Liu‘s Good Luck period has been over since 2011 (Yet, he doesn’t even realize this basic Karma fact). Basically, John Liu‘s luck has significantly dwindled since 2011. John Liu is a MUCH WEAKER candidate than before his campaign Fraud scandal broke in Fall 2011.

In terms of Karma Luck, I believe Tony Avella has stronger advantage than John Liu in the September 9, 2014 Primary Election.


I will do Tony Avella‘s Karma chart in a week or so. Meanwhile, John Liu 2014 will be like Mitt Romney 2012, experiencing temporary illusions of being the front-runner in the 2014 election. Scroll down further to read Karma Charts on Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney in this blog post.

UPDATE June 8, 2014:

John Chun-Yi Liu -born in Taiwan on January 8, 1967. His 10-year karma luck changes whenever the year ends with “1“. His 5-year karma luck changes whenever the year ends with “6“.

The curious case of John C. Liu who is a former NYC City Council member and former NYC Comptroller. In May 2014, Liu officially announced that he is running against incumbent Tony Avella in the NY Senate District 11 election. Liu does not seem to realize the musical chair has moved and changed over the years. He seems to dwell on the past too much. In his latest 10-year Karma luck year 2011 (the year ending with “1”), the October 2011 New York Times article broke the story implicating campaign FRAUD in John Liu’s campaign. Two staffers of  John Liu (Jia “Jenny” Hou and Xing Wu “Oliver” Pan) would later be convicted of campaign FRAUD. Although Liu’s camp claimed that Liu is not personally implicated in the fraud. One would seriously question John Liu’s ability as an effective leader if campaign FRAUD committed under his nose by 2 staffers were not detected and resolved before the Feds took legal action. Another analogy is the fictional “Tony Soprano” and real-life “Steven A. Cohen” scenarios. The Feds nailed Soprano’s and Cohen’s respective Mafia and Hedge Fund associates (the Fed asked them to be “rats”, wore wire, etc) but never quite got to Soprano or Cohen directly because “The Men” were extremely cautious. The mere fact that the Feds are unable to nail “The Man” himself does not completely exonerate ‘The Man” from his associates’ illegal dealings. As a matter of fact, despite Jenny Hou being arrested and eventually convicted, John Liu is still very defensive and protective of Hou. This shows you some serious problems.

  • From 1971 (age 4) – 1981 (age 14) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: Per Wikipedia, Liu immigrated from Taiwan to America at the age of 5. Naturally, the immigration process required extensive paperwork and time, so his and his family’s luck should have begun in 1971 when the immigration process was in the approval-in-process stage. Liu’s father Chang F. “Joseph” Liu was a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) who co-founded a small community bank called Great Eastern Bank in Flushing, Queens where he was the bank president. Father Chang F. “Joseph” Liu would later be found guilty and sentenced to jail time for bank FRAUD in 2001 (notice his family’s Turning Point 10-Year Karma cycle also ends with “1”). Meanwhile, John Liu would campaign in 2009 on the “Sob story??” that his mother was a sweatshop garment factory worker who took batches of garment to work at home at their middle-class tree-lined Bayside home. If you don’t believe me that John Liu lived in fairly priviledged, Middle-Class Bayside Queens as a child, ask “The Man” himself where he attended elementary school. John Liu is a proud graduate of P.S. 203 which is right in the heart of Bayside Queens.UNLESS the Liu family lied about their home address (as in, living in the basement of a Flushing apartment but “borrowed” Bayside address of another person) in order to attend the great schools in School District 26, it is unlikely for John Liu and his family to live in Low-Income Housing Project in Bayside Queens. If John Liu’s mother truly worked as a sweatshop worker when he was a child, one would seriously question the Community Bank Executive husband (papa Joseph Liu) for putting his wife (aka: Mama Liu) in such a situation.
  • From 1981 (age 14) – 1991 (age 24) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: John Liu apparently performed well in the Middle-Class Bayside School District #26. He went on to attend Bronx High School of Science and obtained a bachelor degree in mathematical physics at the SUNY (State University of NY) at Binghamton. He worked as an Actuary at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) before entering politics, eventually promoted to be Actuary manager at PwC in the next 10-year Karma cycle.
  • From 1991 (age 24) – 2001 (age 34) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: Similar to the prior 10-year period, John Liu rose through the rank to become Actuary manager at PwC. This 10-year period (1991 to 2001) was meant for him to stay in Private Sector. Prior to 2001, John Liu ran unsuccessfully against Julia Harrison for the City Council seat in 1997. But in 2001, Julia Harrison was term-limited by a then-new rule on City Council office duration. In the same year (2001) despite Liu’s father Chang F. “Joseph” being convicted & sentenced for bank FRAUD, John Liu finally won the City Council seat in District 20. Liu began his political career in January 2002. WHY IS THAT? Because when you are WITHIN your 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK period, lady luck is on your side even if you do bad things. On the flip side, DURING your 10-YEAR BAD KARMA period, the bad stuff you did in the past (DURING 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK period) will accumulate and implode right in front of you, leaving you with the consequences.
  • From 2001 (age 34) – 2011 (age 44) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: Liu had his 10-year Good Luck period for Politics from 2001 to 2011. Political life is very different from a regular job. In a regular job, you only have to please your boss (1 person) and perhaps his/her boss to save your job. In politics, you need enormous popularity to win the hearts and votes of thousands of people which require excellent Good Karma Luck. He served two-terms (8 years from 2002-2009) in the City Council, and one-term (2010-2013) as a Comptroller. Although Liu continued to work as NYC Comptroller in 2012-2013, the whole picture changed after the arrests of his two staffers, Oliver Pan in November 2011 and Jenny Hou in February 2012. The general public no longer viewed John Liu in a positive light in the Post-Scandal period.  He can keep dwelling on the past on how he ran against David Yassky in the Democratic primary run-off in 2009 earning 55.6% of the Democratic votes, and received 76% of the General Election votes against a “What’s his name, again?” Republican candidate for Comptroller race. Liu didn’t exactly receive 40% of the votes to avoid a run-off against David Yassky. In the run-off, Liu received 55.6% of the Democratic votes. Although Liu did receive 76% of the votes in the 2009 General Election against a Republican candidate whose name everybody has forgotten. It isn’t surprising for a Democrat to win Primary Election in NYC because more than two-thirds of registered voters in NYC are Democrats. Then all good things came to an end when the New York Times broke the story in 2011 (NOTE: toward the end of his 10-year good luck cycle ending with “1”) implicating campaign FRAUD in John Liu’s campaign.
  • From 2011 (age 44) – 2021 (age 54) 10-YEAR BAD KARMA PERIOD: John Liu’s two staffers (Jia “Jenny” Hou and Xing Wu “Oliver” Pan) would later be arrested (in November 2011 for Pan, and February 2012 for Hou) and convicted of campaign FRAUD (in 2013). I am raising the analogy of “Tony Soprano” and “Steven A. Cohen” here. Both men walked away scot-free despite their respective Mafia and Hedge Fund associates being nailed by the Feds. You be the judge on the curious case of John Liu. In the 2013 Mayoral election, John Liu is living within his 10-Year BAD KARMA period. So it is not surprising for him to lose the 2013 Mayoral election with only 7% of the votes.
  • Meanwhile, the Queens Democratic Party boss Joe Crowley is betting on the wrong horse. Time will tell if Bad Karma will suddenly find compassion for John Liu or not. Since I began writing this post about the 10-Year Karma cycle of famous people, I haven’t seen anybody rebouncing WITHIN their 10-year BAD KARMA cycle. (NOTE: Scroll down further to read the 10-Year Karma chart on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. You don’t need fancy statistical poll and survey to forecast election winning chances. The 10-year Karma charts on Obama and Romney were quite obvious on the two men’s chances of winning in 2012 elections).
  • The fact that the Democratic Party is endorsing a WEAK (or significantly WEAKENED) candidate like John Liu is actually creating a big and wide opening for a Republican candidate to sweep back into the historically conservative Senate District 11 covering Whitestone, Bayside, College Point, etc.

UPDATE June 17, 2013:

Wendi Deng Murdoch – born in China on December 8, 1968 (some reports show her DOB to be December 5, 1968). Her 10-year karma luck changes whenever the year ends with “8“. Her 5-year mini karma luck changes whenever the year ends with “3“.

My guess on the reasons for divorce: The external corners of her eyes (lines of wrinkles near her temples and ears) have tell-tale signs of her history of sexual pleasures. She obviously enjoys sex. But is Murdoch able to satisfy a middle-age wife in her 40s who is at her peak sexual age? If not from Murdoch, she has to get it from someone else – as in adultery, anyone?

I guess Murdoch was initially blindsided by what he thought was love. If he had hired a private investigator before he married for the third time in 1999, it wouldn’t be hard for him to tell that Wendi is an Olympic social climber. But then, Murdoch has always wanted his News Corporation to gain entry into the unexplored and lucrative China market. He probably thought the Yale MBA-educated Wendi could help him navigate the China market. As a matter of fact, Wendi did work at MySpace and StarTV in Asia at some point. But Murdoch could have hired a seasoned executive who is a China insider to help his media empire gain entry into the China market, hence no need to marry a black-haired Chinese woman. In case you didn’t notice, Murdoch consistently preferred blondes with blue eyes as his first and second wives. But suddenly, he did a 360 in 1999 by marrying a black-haired Chinese wife.

On the other hand, shortly after Murdoch married his third wife Wendi, he was interviewed by a magazine saying that Wendi’s interest was home decorations. I guess by 2008, Murdoch realizes Wendi has a lot more ambitions than he thought. Despite their 2 young daughters being 7 and 5 years old in 2008, Wendi co-founded a movie production company that year called “Big Feet Productions” with Florence Sloan who is the wife of a former MGM executive Harry Sloan. Murdoch reportedly did NOT invest in “Big Feet Productions”. Wendi lost money in her first movie investment “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” which was a flop in the box office.

  • From 1978 (age 10) – 1988 (age 20) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: Not sure what year Wendi and her parents moved from the northern province to the southern province in China called Guangdong. My guess is 1977 or 1978. She obviously did well in academic and even in sports during her good luck period. Her athletic abilities boost her self-confidence too (not just a bookworm). She was on the volleyball team in school. And she was studying in medical school in China from 1984 to 1987 (not sure if she was studying Chinese herbal medicine or Western medicine) at such a a young age.
  • In 1987, the 18-year-old Wendi was studying medicine in China when she met Joyce and Jake Cherry who were working in China at that time. Joyce Cherry offered to teach Wendi the English language. They even sponsored her to study in America. The next year (1998), Wendi began her study at California State University at Northridge. In 1987, (one year before her next 10-year of good luck), the road was paved for her to make the transition to America.
  • From 1988 (age 20) – 1998 (age 30) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: After moving to America for college, Jake Cherry’s wife discovered lewd photos of Wendi and her husband in 1990. Joyce Cherry soon divorced from Jake. Then in February 1990, Wendi married Jake Cherry (born 1938) who is 30 years older than her. Although the marriage lasted for about 2 years (1990-1992), Jake Cherry said they had only lived together for about 4 or 5 months only. Then Wendi began seeing another man called David Wolf who was very tall and only 2 years older than her. On paper, Jake Cherry and Wendi were married longer than the 2 year requirement for Wendi to get her green card. In reality, Wendi provided him with sexual services for only 4 or 5 months before taking off. Wendi said Jake Cherry who is 30 years older than her was merely a “father figure concept” to her. Then we can safely assume that Rupert Murdoch who is 38 years older than Wendi is an even older “father figure concept” to her. Joyce Cherry reportedly said that Wendi told her the divorce between Joyce and Jake Cherry was not Wendi’s fault. So I guess Wendi wanted to believe that she was not a home wrecker material in the Joyce & Jake Cherry marriage or Anna & Rupert Murdoch marriage.
  • After divorcing Jake Cherry in 1993, Wendi continued her education. She was accepted to the MBA program at Yale University. In 1996, Wendi graduated from Yale MBA program. Then she began to work at StarTV in Asia which was a subsidiary of News Corp. In 1998, Wendi caught Murdoch’s attention at an employee conference. Wendi asked why Murdoch insisted on running an awful strategy in the Asian media market. This must have piqued Murdoch’s interest because he desperately wanted his media empire (including his tabloids) to enter the China market.
  • From 1998 (age 30) – 2008 (age 40) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: Per this New York magazine article , In April 1998, Rupert’s Post columnist Liz Smith delivered the news of an “amicable separation”—amicable enough that Anna was to remain on News Corp.’s board. Therefore, we can deduce that Murdoch began seeing Wendi as early as April 1998 and that the divorce from Anna Torv took more than 12 months to finalize (from April 1998 to early June 1999). Then Wendi married Murdoch on June 25, 1999 which was 17 days after Murdoch finalized his divorce from his second wife Anna. Ex-wife Anna and her 3 grown children, plus 1 adult daughter from the first wife vehemently opposed Wendi getting control and access to Murdoch’s money and his media empire. Wendi didn’t hold any management position, but she did work at MySpace and StarTV in China which were both owned by News Corp.
  • In this 10-year luck period, Wendi was able to give birth to 2 daughters via artificial insemination for Murdoch despite Murdoch’s inability to produce children naturally. Grace Murdoch was born on November 19, 2001 and Chloe Murdoch was born on July 17, 2003. Having children for Murdoch gave her leverage to get more money from this “billionaire father figure concept”. Prior to the 1999 marriage, Murdoch received treatment for early stage prostate cancer. But he froze his sperms, hence Wendi was able to get artificial insemination to give him 2 daughters.
  • As mentioned above, Wendi’s has quite a lot of wrinkles around the outer corner of her eyes which are signs of a history of sexual pleasures. For a woman in her sexual peak (between her 40s and 50s), her sexual desires are unlikely to be fulfilled by Rupert who is 83 (born 1931).
  • From 2008 (age 40) – 2018 (age 50) 10-YEAR BAD KARMA PERIOD: Wendi has been very lucky earlier in her life. Even when she enters her 10-Year of Bad Karma starting in 2008, her bad karma seemed to slowly simmer for 5 years until 2013 when Rupert initiated divorce proceedings. The divorce paperwork in process, and the rest is history. Wendi now belongs to a list of “Former Wives Club” of Rupert. Being no stranger to divorces, Wendi herself was married twice. I am sure she will find ways to conquer the world again. But since Wendi is bounded by her 10-Year Bad Karma period, her bad luck won’t change too much until 2018. Or perhaps the next 10 year period from 2018 to 2028 is even harsher than the current one for her.

UPDATE Feb 22, 2013:

Jesse Jackson, Jr – born in 1965. The disgraced former Congressman recently admitted that he illegally used campaign money to support his lavish lifestyle. He and his wife also admitted that they under-reported income on tax returns (aka: tax evasion). I checked Wikipedia, it’s fuzzy on when he began his community organizer/political headstart. Eventhough he has a famous father very active in Civil Rights movement, Jackson still needed to put his foot in the door, to add credible community/political work to his curriculum vitae in order to win voters’ heart in his first elected office. Thank goodness for the Washington Post which made a very helpful timeline on the rise and fall of Jesse Jackson, Jr.

  • From 1989 (age 24) – 2009 (age 44) 20-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: Jackson launched his political career as president of the Keep Hope Alive PAC, a job he held from 1989 to 1990. He then served as vice president of Operation PUSH (1991 to 1995) and as national field director for the National Rainbow Coalition (1993 to 1995). In 1995, Jackson launched his campaign for Congress when Rep. Mel Reynolds (D) resigned after his conviction for sexual assault stemming from a relationship with a teenager. Jackson prevailed in a primary challenge and scores an easy victory in the general election. Jackson had been a Congressman since then.
  • From 2009 (age 44) – 2019 (age 54) 10-YEAR BAD KARMA PERIOD: In April 2009, Jackson’s 20-year good luck ran out. But due to his famous father’s influence and connections, the press took a relatively low-key position on Jackson’s scandals initially. In April 2009, Jackson became the subject of an Office of Congressional Ethics inquiry into his role in attempting to succeed Obama in the Senate. Jackson was referred to in the media as “Candidate A” in the April 2, 2009, indictment of then-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-Ill.), which alleged that a Jackson emissary discussed raising money for the governor in exchange for promoting Jackson to the Senate seat. Read the Washington Post for a strings of Bad Karma events since 2009: from his extramarital affairs, to his health problems (bipolar disorder), to selling his multi-million dollar home in Washington D.C. to help pay his medical bills, to his resignation shortly after he won re-election in Nov 2012. Then on Feb 20, 2013, Jackson admitted that he spent $750,000 campaign money to buy luxury items.

UPDATE Feb 6, 2013:

Lance Armstrong – born in 1971. The disgraced former professional cycling champion who recently made sort of a confession to Oprah Winfrey that he used illegal performance enhancing drugs to win numerous championships. His 10-year cylce begins whenever the year ends with “1”.

  • From 1981 (age 12) – 1991 (age 22) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: Lance Armstrong showed great atheletic potential since the age of 12 in 1981. Directly quoting from Wikipedia page: At age 12, he started racing in his sporting career as a swimmer at the City of Plano Swim Club and finished fourth in Texas state 1,500-meter freestyle. He stopped swimming-only races after seeing a poster for a junior triathlon, called the Iron Kids Triathlon, which he won at age 13. In the 1987–1988 Tri-Fed/Texas (“Tri-Fed” was the former name of USA Triathlon), Armstrong was ranked the number-one triathlete in the 19-and-under group. Armstrong’s total points in 1987 as an amateur were better than those of five professionals ranked higher than he was that year. At 16, Lance Armstrong became a professional triathlete and became national sprint-course triathlon champion in 1989 and 1990 at 18 and 19, respectively.
  • From 1991 (age 22) – 2011 (age 42) TWO DECADES 20 YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: In 1992, Armstrong turned professional. You can check his Wikipedia page for more details. This past two decades earned him fame and fortune through professional cycling activities and commercial endorsements. This is SUCH a GOOD LUCK period that Armstrong even beat cancer in February 1997. He became cancer-free less than one year after the cancer diagnosis in October 1996. Despite constant rumors that he used illegal drugs to cheat in cycling competitions, this is SUCH a GOOD LUCK period that he also beat all the rumors and allegations easily.
  • From 2011 (age 42) – 2021 (age 52) 10-YEAR of BAD KARMA: But all good things must come to and end. In February 2011 (the beginning of Armstrong’s 10 year Bad Karma period) while Armstrong announced his retirement from competitive cycling, he began facing a US federal investigation into doping allegations. You can read the rest of the doping investigations in his Wikipedia page.

UPDATE Nov 7, 2012: Check out President Barack Obama’s re-election victory acceptance speech. As I had mentioned before (see his chart below), Obama is still within his 10-year of Good Karma period until 2017. Meanwhile Romney is solidly within his 10-year of “Jobless, Lost Decade” Karma period until 2016. Romney’s timing is absolutely wrong (see his chart below). I hope Hillary Clinton runs for President in 2016.

UPDATE Oct 28, 2012: I briefly looked at President Barack Obama’s Wikipedia page, if I’m not mistaken, Obama still has 5 more years of good luck in his 10-Year Karma cycle. I also briefly looked at Mitt Romney’s Wikipedia page, Romney is still within his 10-Year of “Lost Decade” until 2016. Despite the very tight and very close election, I think Obama will be re-elected in 2012. Several high profile astrologers also predicted Obama’s re-election victory too by using astrology terms that I don’t understand. They also said the Mercury Retrograde from late evening on Nov 6, 2012 to Nov 26, 2012 will cause controversy in the election, perhaps a possible repeat of the Bush vs. Gore vote re-count when Mercury Retrograde happened to occur during the 2000 election.

Barack Obama – born in 1961 (age 51 in 2012). His 10-Year Karma cycle begins whenever the year ends with “7”.

  • From 1967 (age 6) – 1977 (age 16) 10-YEAR NEUTRAL PERIOD: Obama moved to Indonesia in 1967 to live with his mother and step-father. It was the first major change (major turning point) in his life. He moved to a foreign land with totally different culture and language from his homeland. Then he moved back to the US to continue his education.
  • From 1977 (age 16) – 1987 (age 26) 10-YEAR NEUTRAL PERIOD: Schooling and community organizer experience in his teenage to early adulthood years.
  • From 1987 (age 26) – 1997 (age 36) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: Entered Harvard Law School in 1988. After graduation from law school, he worked as a lawyer and he was still very active in community organizer activities.
  • From 1997 (age 36) – 2007 (age 46) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: Obama became state senator of Illinois in 1997. He was re-elected 3 times. He served as state senator of Illinois until 2004. Then he succeeded in running for US Senate in 2004, became US Senator in January 2005.
  • From 2007 (age 46) – 2017 (age 56) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: Obama continued to serve as US Senator representing the state of Illinois until mid-November 2008 when he was elected to be President of the US. He sworn in as President of the US in January 2009. Between 2013 to 2017, Obama is still within his 10-year Karma of good luck. He is unlikely to have a major career change until 2017.

In summary, President Obama’s 10-year Karma cycle is far from over. He may see short-term obstacles and incidents one month before the Nov 2012 election, but he is very likely to be re-elected. Obama’s 10-year good luck period still has about 4 or 5 years left.

Mitt Romney – born in 1947  (age 65 in 2012). His 10-year Karma Cycle begins whenever the year ends with “6”.

  • From 1966 (age 19) – 1976 (age 29) 10-YEAR NEUTRAL or GOOD LUCK PERIOD: Went to France in 1966 to try to convert wine-drinking French people into Mormons. It was the first major change in his life, to a foreign land with a different language and different culture than what he’s accustomed to in the US. Romney was involved in a fatal car accident in France that killed Leola Anderson. There are various reports that he may be responsible for the car crash. It it is true, this was his good luck 10-year period dodging legal liabilities.
  • From 1976 (age 29) – 1986 (age 39) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: In 1977, he got a job at Bain & Company. This decade shapes his ruthless corporate life persona.
  • From 1986 (age 39) – 1996 (age 49) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: In Corporate World: Still working at Bain while he made unsuccessful run in politics. He returned to his job at Bain after losing the election. In 1994, he ran as a Republican and lost the US Senate (Massachusetts) election. Another decade shaping his ruthless corporate life persona.
  • From 1996 (age 49) – 2006 (age 59) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD: Still working at Bain while he made another attempt at politics. This time he ran successfully and became a one-term Governor of Massachusetts from 2002 to 2006. In November 2006, Romney’s approval rating was 36%. With such pitiful approval ratings, he wasn’t likely to be re-elected even if he wanted to run again. Clearly, he was bracing for his 10-Year of “Lost Decade” to follow.
  • From 2006 (age 59) – 2016 (age 69) 10-YEAR “LOST DECADE” RETIREMENT PERIOD: After being in “jobless” retirement mode from 2006 to early 2008, Romney turned his focus to running for President in 2008. But he lost the Republican primary nomination to John McCain which fit his 10-Year of “jobless” retirement mode. Within the 10-YEAR “LOST DECADE” PERIOD, I think Romney will lose in 2012.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn (aka: DSK) – born in 1949 (age 63 in 2012). His 10-year period always starts whenever the year ends with “1”. DSK is a former managing director of IMF. More famously known as the horny old man who sexually assaulted a hotel maid in Manhattan, costing him his reputation and his bid for Presidency in France.

  • From 1951 (age 2) – 1961 (age 12) 10-YEAR NEUTRAL PERIOD. Per Wikipedia page, DSK’s family settled in Morocco in 1951.
  • From 1961 (age 12) – 1971 (age 22) 10-YEAR NEUTRAL PERIOD. DSK’s family relocated and resided in Monaco after the 1960 earthquake in Morocco.
  • From 1971 (age 22) -1981 (age 32) 10-YEAR NEUTRAL PERIOD. DSK worked at various teaching posts in universities after graduation from HEC Paris in 1971.
  • From 1981 (age 32) – 1991 (age 42) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. In 1981, DSK got involved in the Socialist Party (PS). Then in 1982, DSK got a job in the Planning Commission. The 1981-1991 period was DSK’s entry into politics.
  • From 1991 (age 42) – 2001 (age 52) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. DSK got his golden ticket to wealth and power in 1991 – he married wealthy heiress Anne Sinclair who has helped him tremendously. 1991 was the start of DSK’s good luck 10-year period. He worked in various government positions including mayor of Sarcelles in 1995 and 2 years as Minister of Finance (June 1997 to November 1999). In 1999, DSK was accused of corruption related to Elf Aquitaine and the MNEF. But it didn’t dent hisreputation one bit since he was living within his 10-year of good luck period (eg: The “he could dono wrong” golden period).
  • From 2001 (age 52) – 2011 (age 62) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. The 2001 to 2011 period was again DSK’s lucky period (he had 2 consecutive 10-year period of good luck from 1991 to 2011, where he “could do no wrong”). He made it to the top spot at the IMF.
  • From 2011 (age 62) – 2021 (age 72) 10-YEAR BAD KARMA PERIOD. However, starting from mid-2011, DSK has entered his next 10-year of bad karma period where his past sins and sadistic attacks on women began to re-surface after his arrest in New York on May 14, 2011. His reputation is irreparably damaged. Although some French people had hopes that DSK may be the panacea, the sage to rescue France from financial crisis. Based on my observation of other famous people who had fallen down during their bad karma 10-year period, from this point on, everything DSK touches upon will become rotten and stale.

Hosni Mubarak – born in 1928 (age 84 in 2012). Former Presiden of Egypt for 30 years. His 10-year period starts whenever the year ends with “1”. He had been lucky for 50 years(from 1961 to 2011). Then he faced humiliated downfall in 2011 – the start of his next 10-year of bad karma period, he was on trial in a cage in Summer 2011.

  • From 1951 (age 23) – 1961 (age 33) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. In this 10-year period, Mubarak was training in the military academy. He was working in the Air Force. For Arab men in this era, joining the military was a ticket to upward mobility.Therefore, I think this is Mubarak’s beginning of his good luck 10-year period or at least the preparation of good luck period. It is debatable, so I consider this 10-year cycle his neutral period.
  • From 1961 (age 33) – 1971 (age 43) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. Mubarak still worked in the military in this 10-year period (age 33-43), further honing his skills as a rising star military man. He was promoted and he gained moreresponsibilities in the Air Force. This is obviously his good luck 10-year period.
  • From 1971 (age 43) – 1981 (age 53) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. The previous 10-year good luck period set the stage forMubarak to enter politics in the 1970’s (age 43 –53). In 1972, Mubarak became the Egyptian DeputyMinister of Defense and Commander in the Air Force. In 1975, Mubarak’s accomplishments in the militarycaught the attention of Anwar Sadat, he became the Vice President to President Anwar Sadat.
  • From 1981 (age 53) – 2011 (age 83) THREE DECADES 30-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. In October 1981, President Anwar Sadat was assassinated. OnOctober 14, 1981, Mubarak succeeded Sadat as President after he was killed. During these consecutive 30-year period (age 53-83), Mubarak enjoyed enormous power and wealth. He received financial backingfrom the US and other Western countries. His personal wealth is rumored to be enormous, due tocorruption and abuse of power as the state leader.
  • From 2011 (age 83) – 2021 (age 93) 10-YEAR BAD KARMA PERIOD. The prospects do not look good for Mubarak who is on trial for various charges (age 83 –??). All good things came to an end on February 11, 2011. The Arab Spring uprisings forced Mubarak to resign as President of Egypt in 2011. Within a few months, Mubarak saw his fortune reversed dramatically. In the summer of 2011, Mubarak was transported to the court in a cage. Mubarak is on trial for charges of premeditated murders of peaceful protesters during the revolution, on charges of corruption and abuseof power, and on charges of plotting the assassination of former President Anwar Sadat.

Muammar Gaddafi – born in 1942 (age 70). Former leader of Libya for 40 years. His 10-year cycle starts whenever the year ends with ”1”.

  • From 1951 (age 9) – 1961 (age 19) 10-YEAR NEUTRAL PERIOD. During Gaddafi’s childhood and teenage years (age 9-19), he admired Egyptian President Abdel Nasser, considered Nasser as his hero. He was inspired by Nasser’s call for Arab nationalism which meant a military career for him. In this era for an Arab man without money, joining the military meant a meal ticket and a chance to gainupward mobility. I initially didn’t understand this part. But after re-reading the time line, I now believe the next 10 year period (1961-1971 or age 19-29) was Gaddafi’s good luck period as he entered the military academy to start his military career, he was promoted and he rose through the ranks in the military during the 1960’s. Without the intensive military training during the 1960’s, Gaddafi would not be able tolead the coup that took over Libya from King Idris on Sept 1, 1969.
  • From 1961 (age 19) – 1971 (age 29) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. This 10-year period provided Gaddafi the military academy training he needed toward upward mobility (age 19-29). To Arab men without money, the military career itself was the golden ticket to a better future. He was rumored to have received military training in the UK. Toward the tail end of this 10-year period, Gaddafi’s military training paid off. The training was useful for him to seize power in a military coup on September 1, 1969 against King Idris of Libya to become theautocratic leader in Libya. He was 27 years old when he became the leader in Libya.
  • From 1971 (age 29) – 2011 (age 69) FOUR DECADES 40-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. Gaddafi enjoyed nearly 40 years of good luck period as the autocratic leader (age 29-69). Similar to Mubarak, Gaddafi amassed enormous fortune through corruption. During this golden period, he skirted multiple assassination attempts. During a person’s lucky period, he indeed “could do no wrong” including escaping from assassinations.
  • From 2011 (age 69) – ??: 10-YEAR BAD KARMA PERIOD. Like Mubarak, all good things come to an end. As of August 2011, Gaddafi lost his domestic and international political recognitions as the leader in Libya, and he lost control of most of the Libyan territories. It is unlikely for Gaddafi to regain his power as the leader again. Gaddafi may have to live the rest of his life in exile, or face trials for his crimes. The International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants for him.

John Gotti – born in 1940, the infamous crime boss of the Gambino family in New York City. Fis 10-year cycle started whenever the year ended with “2”.

  • From 1952 (age 12) -1962 (age 22) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCKPERIOD. Per John Gotti’s Wikipedia page, Gotti began his involvement in street gang activities at the age of 12 and continued for the remaining portion of this 10-year period (age 12-22). His “career” in the organized crime business certainly started much earlier than most people. This 10-year period set the stage for his adult hood “career” in organized crime activities. While his peers were busy studying in schools, Gotti already was “working” and “earning money” during his pre-teen andteenage years.
  • From 1962 (age 22) -1972 (age 32) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. Gotti married Victoria DiGiorgio in 1962 (age 22) and had 5 children. At this point in his life, he wanted to leave the mobster business but Gotti just couldn’t stay crime free. By 1966 (age 26), Gotti had been in jail twice. The reason I still labeled this 10-year period (age 22-32
    ) as “good luck” period is because without the experience from this period, Gotti would not have become the high-profile crime boss that he was destined to become in the next few 10-year cycles.
  • From 1972 (age 32) -1992 (age 52) 20-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. In 1972, at the age of 32 and with 20 years of crime experience under his belt, Gotti became the acting “capo” in the crime family. In Italian, the word “capo”means the chief or the boss. Gotti achieved “great success” as the crime boss at the Gambino familyduring this 10-year “good luck” period (age 32-42). Ask any New Yorkers, Gotti is a household name for his notoriety.
  • From 1992 (age 52) – 2002 (age 62) 10-YEAR BAD KARMA PERIOD. In 1992 (age 42), Gotti was convicted of 5 murders, racketeering, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, etc. He was sentenced to Federal prison. On June 10,2002, Gotti died of throat cancer in the Federal prison at the age of 61.

Steve Jobs – born in 1955, the co-founder, chairman and former chief executive officer of Apple, Inc. I had read his biography a few years ago. He’s got the ruthlessness and competiveness to succeed in business,the iPods, iPhones, iPads are so ubiquitous around the world. He has faced both rise and fall in his career. His 10-year cycle began whenever the years ended with “6”.

  • From 1976 (age 21) -1986 (age 31) 10 YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. In 1976, at the age of 21, Steve Jobs co-founded Apple, Inc with Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne and A.C. “Mike” Markkula Jr. Based on a biography about Steve Jobs, he seems to be an arrogant and obnoxious nerd with good ideas. Following an internal power struggle and personality clash with the board at Apple, the board decided to fire Steve Jobs in 1985. According to Steve Jobs, the firing in 1985 was a blessing in disguise. He said, “The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed meto enter one of the most creative periods of my life”.
  • From 1986 (age 31) -1996 (age 41) 10 YEAR NEUTRAL PERIOD. Steve Jobs founded the NeXT computer company during this period. He also got involved in Pixar and Disney making animated movies.
  • From 1996 (age 41) – 2006 (age 51) 10 YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. In 1996, Apple decided to buy NeXT computer –the company that Steve Jobs founded in 1986. The buyout brought Steve Jobs back to Apple – the company he founded before NeXT. Shortly after Jobs came back, Apple ousted the then-CEO to makeroom for Steve Jobs to take over. Steve Jobs has the uncanny ability to understand what consumers want. In 2001, the first iPod was born. The small, portable design brings music to the next level.
  • From 2006 (age 51) – 2016 (age 61) 10 YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. In 2007, the iPhone was born. The smartphone became very popular with consumers. In 2010, the iPad was born. Despite critics’ comments that the iPad had many drawbacks & limitations, iPads have been selling very well. Each of these products became instant consumer favorites. Remember this is Steve Jobs’ golden period, every gadget he introduces is supposed to be a success.If Steve Jobs is able to overcome his health problems, he may survive the current 10-year period from 2006-2016. But of course, we have to wait and see.

Anthony Weiner – born in 1964. Former Congressman who had to resign in disgrace due to lewd photos and indecent messages to young female on Twitter and Facebook. His 10-year cycle began whenever the years ended with “1”.

  • From 1991 (age 27) – 2011 (age 47) TWO DECADES 20 YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. In 1991, extra City Council districts were created in NYC after re-districting. Weiner won the election in the newly-created City Council district in 1991 at the age of 27. He was the youngest elected City Council member at the time. Overall, the past two 10-year period from 1991 to 2011 had been Weiner’s lucky period. He had great deal of luck during the consecutive 20-year period since 1991, but he squandered it totally with lewd photos of himself and indecent messages to young female on Twitter and Facebook during his good luck period, only to be caught doing theseembarassing things during the start of his bad luck period in 2011.
  • From 2011 (age 47) – 2021 (age 57) 10-YEAR BAD KARMA PERIOD. The bad karma finally caught up with Weiner, he lost his job as a Congressman in 2011, his reputation and the lewd photos will forever stay on the internet. Weiner has just entered his next 10 year of bad karma period from 2011 to 2021, we can observe more on what will happen to Anthony Weiner.

Donald Manes – born in 1934. Former Queens Borough President in New York City. His 10-year cycle began whenever the year ended with “1”.

  • From 1961 (age 27) – 1971 (age 37) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. At 27 (in 1961), Donald Manes was the youngest assistant district attorney in the Queens office. At age 31, he was elected the youngest City Councilman – running as an insurgent as part of the Robert Wagner reform campaign. He worked as a Councilman for the next few years.
  • From 1971 (age 37) – 1981 (age 47) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. Manes became the 16th Queens borough president – the youngest in the county’s history. In 1975 (at age 41) Manes assisted then-mayor Abe Beame and then-Governor Hugh Carey in deposing his mentor as Democratic county chairman. Holding the twin hats of borough president and county leader enabled Manes to wield unprecedented power over the borough and in City affairs in general.
  • From 1981 (age 47) – 1991 (age 57, ended by suicide in 1986) 10 YEAR BAD KARMA PERIOD. Donald Manes’ life was cut short by his suicide at age 52 (1986). In 1985 (age 51), Manes found himself in a growing controversy over the Kick-Back scandal related to the Parking Violation Bureau. Manes’ involvement in the Kick-Back scandal under the Mayor Ed Koch administration made him extremely unpopular with NYC voters and residents. In other words, Manes was no longer the golden boy, the “he could do no wrong” lucky 10-year. Might as well commit suicide then rot in prison.

Michael Bloomberg – born in 1942. current Mayor of New York City, has enjoyed a remarkably long period of good luck (from 1960-2010). It was only until the last quarter of 2010 that he hit major roadblock. His 10-year cycle begins whenever the year ends with “0”

  • From 1960 (age 18) – 1970 (age 28) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. Bloomberg started college at Johns Hopkins University. He graduated in 1964 (age 22) with a Bachelor degree in electrical engineering. While he was in college, he worked as a parking attendant to pay for tuition. During this 10-year period (age 18-28), he had obtained both a Bachelor degree and an MBA degree in Business School. He had also started working on Wall Street.
  • From 1970 (age 28) – 1980 (age 38) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. Bloomberg’s luck still continued in the next 10-year period (age 28-38). In 1973, he became general partner at Salomon Brothers. During his lucky period, his skills and work experience were valued and recognized.
  • From 1980 (age 38) – 2000 (age 58) 20 YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. I read Bloomberg’s biography a few years ago. I think that if there were no outside forces driving Bloomberg to take risks and think outside-the-box, he may have been content with a general partner job on Wall Street earning his steady income instead of starting his own media empire. But then, I have read that layoffs on Wall Street (at the top levels) are quite common.In 1981, Bloomberg was fired from Salomon Brothers, he received $10 million severance package.Remember this was $10 million in 1981, feel free to search for the inflation-adjusted amounts of $10 million in 1981 translated into 2011 dollars. I would hardly consider Bloomberg an unlucky man for receiving $10 million severance package in 1981 after being fired by a big Wall Street firm. The $10 million severance package in 1981 would have been enough for Bloomberg to retire at the age of 39. Instead, Bloomberg used the money to start his own business selling the Bloomberg terminals to Wall Street firmsduring this 20-year period (age 38-58). He had a joint venture with Merrill Lynch. It is a lucrative businessselling stock quotes and other financial data to Wall Street firms. His Bloomberg terminals are very popular and ubiquitous on Wall Street.
  • From 2000 (age 58) -2010 (age 68) 10-YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. Another 10-year of good luck for Bloomberg (age 58-68). After accumulating immense wealth & success from his Bloomberg media empire, Bloomberg wanted the taste of political power. After NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Republican, finished his 2nd term as Mayor and Giuliani was restricted by the law from running a 3rd term, Bloomberg decided to run on the Republican line in the mayoral election. Bloomberg never had any political experience before, but he emphasized his entrepreneurial experience. He persuaded the NYC voters that his business experience made him the best person to lead the City in the post-9/11 terrorist-related recession. This was still Bloomberg’s 10-yeargood luck period, the voters bought his promises that he would bring his business experience running a big media empire to the City government, and duplicate the success.
  • From 2010 (age 68) -2020 (age 78) 10-YEAR BAD KARMA PERIOD. As I had mentioned earlier, New Yorkers have been furious with Mayor Bloomberg. The list of people unhappy with him is just growing by days. The bad strings of karma:

1) The Cathie Black fiasco from November 2010 to April 2011, Bloomberg had to fire the     very person (Cathie Black) on April 7, 2011 that he spent a lot of money and efforts to defend in the last 2 months of 2010 in the courtroom.

2) The Christmas Blizzard of 2010 disaster snow cleanup job that led to a dozen of deaths in NYC because the ambulances and FDNY fire trucks were stuck in very thick piles of unplowed snow on the streets for many days. Bloomberg refused to tell New Yorkers where he was during the Christmas Blizzard 2010. But a few months later, one newspaper confirmed with Bloomberg’s neighbors in Bermuda that Bloomberg was in his luxury Bermuda mansion during Christmas 2010.Other local residents confirmed the sighting of Bloomberg’s private jet in the airport in Bermuda during Christmas 2010.

3) The massive fraud in the CityTime scandal exposed in December 2010. Bloomberg reportedly ignored all warnings from various people throughout the entire time, until an investigative reporter from NY Daily News exposed the massive fraud scandal in December 2010 and forced Bloomberg to admit the embarrassing fact that it happened during his watch as a Mayor.

4) The cover-up of the true reason his top aide Stephen Goldsmith resigned in August 2011. The true reason was that Goldsmith was arrested and detained in jail for 2 days after a domestic violence complaint from Goldsmith’s wife. Goldsmith was a public servant who was accountable to the public, Bloomberg was heavily criticized for acting like he is the CEO of a private corporation protecting his former subordinate through cover-up. The NY Post leaked out the true reason of Goldsmith’s resignation on Sept 1, 2011, then Bloomberg was under pressure to explain his decision to cover-up Goldsmith’s arrest and jail detention. Bloomberg chose the quiet Labor Dayholiday weekend – Sept 4, 2011 – to hold a news conference about Goldsmith.

5) During the Labor Day Parade in early Sept 2011, City Councilman Jumaane Williams and Kirsten John Foy (an aide to Public Advocate Bill de Blasio) were arrested at the parade simply by being young African-American male who “looked like trouble”. Bloomberg offered to invite Williams and Foy to a meeting over beer to settle the racially-motivated arrest and detention. But Williams and Foy flat-out refused Bloomberg’s cheap-shot beer meeting. Note: Bloomberg was fantasizing that he was President Obama in the White House. President Obama did invite a Harvard University professor who was unlawfully arrested by the police because he is Black, Obama invited him to a meeting in the White House over beer. But unfortunately, when Bloomberg is currently living in his bad karma 10-year period, he simply does not get any respect from people.

6) Speaking of lack of respect, it is now much easier to poke fun of Bloomberg than at any time during his previous good luck period as a Mayor (from Jan 2002 to Oct 2010). By Aug 28, 2011, a young woman in Manhattan opened up a Twitter account @ElBloombito to poke fun of Bloomberg’s SpanGLISH (Spanish that sound like English).

7) The John Haggerty trial in mid-Sept 2011 may potentially expose embarrassing details about Bloomberg’s 2009 campaign finance. The judge ruled on Sept 12, 2011 that he is not limiting any queries which meant that Bloomberg may be the star witness to testify in the court by the defense lawyers of John Haggerty. Despite Bloomberg’s very high-profile job as the Mayor of NYC, he always fought very hard to keep his private life private. His status as the media mogul in his Bloomberg media empire has kept his private life somewhat private. But the current John Haggerty trial may potentially tarnish his claims that he is a financial wizard. Will Bloomberg look awful in the court testimony or will his high-priced lawyers help him avoid the bad stuff? There are still about 9 years to Bloomberg’s 10-year bad karma period, so we may have to wait and see what other embarrassing news about Bloomberg will leak out in the future.

8) And the list may continue to grow longer in the next 9 years or so. Feel free to read about Bloomberg’s long strings of bad karma since November 2010 until now. I would expect to keep reading bad press and bad news surrounding Bloomberg in the next 9 years or so.

Karl Lagerfeld – born in 1933. The dinosaur-like fashion designer who seemed to have too much plastic surgery done on his face. His 10-year cycle begins whenever the year ends with “2”.

  • From 1952 (age 19) – 1962 (age 29) 10-YEAR NEUTRAL PERIOD. Karl Lagerfeld moved to Paris in 1953, this was his entry into the fashion business.
Feel free to read the Wikipedia page on Karl Lagerfeld. They have done the legwork for me, they labeled the freelance career and international fame as it is.
  • From 1962 (age 29) – 1982 (age 49) TWO DECADES 20 YEAR NEUTRAL PERIOD. Freelance career in fashion industry – check details in KL’s Wikipedia page
  • From 1982 (age 49) – 2012 (age 79) THREE DECADES 30 YEAR GOOD LUCK PERIOD. International fame in fashion industry – check details in KL’s Wikipedia page
  • From 2012 (age 79) -2022 (age 89) – Anything can happen in this period.

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