See Gisele Bündchen’s wrinkles under her eyes, her NOSE Job & BOOB Job, she is starting to look like tennis star Steffi Graf

UPDATE March 12, 2012: Gisele Bundchen recently walked the runway for fashion designer Alexander Wang who is a ruthless Slave Driver Sweatshop Boss according to his 31 employees currently suing him in Court. Do not miss reading this: Ex-Employees Exposed the Dirty Laundry of Alexander Wang to the Chinese media with photos and evidence.

UPDATE as of Feb 16, 2012: Wow! I found Gisele’s BEFORE and AFTER plastic surgery photos.

She obviously had nose job, and breast augmentation done on her. This is besides the premature aging – wrinkles under her eyes as spotted in the Feb 11, 2012 photo (the Gisele-wrinkle photo is in the mid-section of the blog dated Feb 12, 2012). No wonder her son Benjamin Brady (born Dec 2009) looks so ordinary and dull as a little kid. Unlike cutie-pie Suri Cruise, this little guy is probably going to get plastic surgery in the future to enhance his looks. I found this LINK and also attaching the BEFORE and AFTER photos. Gisele’s REAL breast cup-size is A-Cup (see her photo in the tight white outfit, how flat her boobs are) Click on the White outfit photo to ENLARGE it to FULL-SIZE. When she was a Victoria’s Secrets Model, she got boob job to enlarge her breasts to C-Cup and sometimes D-Cup sizes. But in recent years, she downsized her breasts to B-Cup, still larger than her real A-Cup size.

For an impossibly thin lingerie model like Gisele who has a body of a 14-year-old boy, I always thought it’s impossible for her to have big boobs – you need body fat for breasts. This photo above and below proves my thinking. See how flat Gisele’s real boobs are in the above photo in white outfit. You can click on the photo itself to ENLARGE it to FULL-SIZE for better viewing.

See the photo below. Without the nose job, Gisele’s nose would have been much larger, almost identical to Steffi Graf (both are of German ancestry). Click on the photo itself to ENLARGE it to FULL-SIZE for better viewing.


This photo above is the young Gisele Bündchen, BEFORE she could afford plastic surgery to cut down on her BIG nose. Her natural hair color is brown. Click on the photo itself to ENLARGE it for better viewing.

1994 photo of Gisele Bunchen (14 years old, second left) with models Cláudia Menezes (far left),  Fabiana Sabah (far right) and Sérgio Mattos. Click on the photo itself to ENLARGE to FULL-SIZE. Notice the young Gisele had BIG NOSE  before her nose job.

Another photo of young Gisele (14 years old) with BIG NOSE before plastic surgery to reduce it. 


Click on the photos above to ENLARGE them to FULL-SIZE for better viewing. The photo on the left is Gisele in her A-Cup breast size, before her D-Cup boob job. Notice her body figure looked like a teenage boy (flat cardboard, no curves). See her wearing white short pants, looked like she had a bulging PENIS. The photo on the right is Gisele in her D-Cup size breast. See the big difference from plastic surgeries?FEB 12, 2012: See Gisele’s wrinkles underneath her eyes below. See my other blog post (periodically updated) on the Gisele jinx on Tom Brady and the NE Patriots team HERE. 


31-year-old Gisele Bundchen (born July 1980) is starting to look more and more like the Germany aging former tennis star Steffi Graf (born June 1969) who is 11 years older than her. Not surprising since Gisele is a Brazilian of German ancestry. See how Gisele is going to look in a few years (see photos in the middle and far right, from “twin sister” Steffi Graf. I’m attaching the full-size photos below). Take a look at the first photo (far left) taken on Feb 11, 2012 after the Alexander Wang fashion show in New York City – see instructions below on how to enlarge the photo to full-size. This Gisele eye-wrinkle photo was taken by the paparazzi WITHOUT PhotoShop enhancement, you can see Gisele has quite a lot of wrinkles underneath her eyes and the freckles on her nose that were partially concealed by makeup. And she’s only 31-years-old! Talk about pre-mature aging. I wouldn’t buy Gisele’s fake skin-care products even if it’s free – obviously they can’t cure her eye wrinkles. I sure don’t want to get so much wrinkles around the eyes.My blog shrinks the full-size Gisele wrinkle photo, so you have 2 options: (1)  you can  click on the far left photo above to enlarge it to TRUE FULL-SIZE to see the very OBVIOUS WRINKLES running from the inner corner of Gisele’s eyes that make SEMI-CIRCULAR LINES around her OUTER CHEEKS. Gisele also put on a bit TOO MUCH CONCEALER that is a shade lighter than her skin tone. You can also see the FRECKLES on Gisele’s NOSE that were PARTIALLY HIDDEN by concealer. (2) Alternatively, click on this LINK to see the full-size Gisele eye-wrinkle photo fully enlarged. Likewise, you can click on the middle and far right photo to enlarge the photos of Steffi Graf. 

 Sadly, I see very good “click” traffic to my gossipy blog post about Gisele. I want to bring this real-life, real-world news to your attention. Sorry if this picture below may disturb you, but the actual person suffering from a serious hit-and-run accident needs help. He needs to get more surgeries, and he has a wife and children to support. See this LINK for more details on how to help. I am disturbed that the English-speaking media has NOT yet made any news coverage about this very real hit-and-run victim.


Jin Bin Wang worked as a food delivery man at a Chinese restaurant on Murray Street in Manhattan. On Nov 21, 2011 he was hit by a car near City Hall in New York City at around 5pm. The driver fled the scene of the accident, but luckily the NYPD found and arrested the driver later. This news story was first reported by two NYC Chinese-language newspapers. After the Chinese news was published, Mr. Wang has found a lawyer to help him. As of Feb 14, 2012 (nearly 3 months after the car accident), the lawyer has NOT received the police report, only the EMS report. Therefore, Mr. Wang is not yet able to file insurance claims against the hit-and-run driver. He has a wife and children to support in China.


This is how Gisele is going to look like (non close-up shot) in a few years.

 This is how Gisele is going to look like (close-up shot) in a few years.



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7 responses to “See Gisele Bündchen’s wrinkles under her eyes, her NOSE Job & BOOB Job, she is starting to look like tennis star Steffi Graf

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  3. Sisley

    Please continue to post in Craig’s List beauty forum. I enjoyed the articles and ignore the bitter ignorant GREY posting no life trolls. Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. Girlnextdoor

    Gisele is beautiful. She is truly blessed with beauty. Why do you waste so much time spouting venomous dislike for a woman you don’t even know? I am only guessing when I say that if you were even remotely happy with yourself and had a decent self image, you would not care one bit about Gisele’s plastic surgery. Get a life or better yet a therapist.

    • I’m focusing on other issues right now – spreading gospel about Credit Unions, helping the wrongfully convicted and exposing UNPAID intern illegal practices. Gisele Bundchen is a plastic surgery fem-bot who lies without blinking her eyes, claiming she never goes under the knife B.S.

    • Gisele Bundchen is a big A$$ liar claiming she never got any plastic surgery. The BEFORE and AFTER photos speak for themselves. But in case your low-IQ brain prevented you from noticing it, I’m busy working on other issues. You should get a life, specifically get a good education, or at least improving your attention to details – photos don’t lie (especially photos that are UNtouched by PhotoShop or any computer-engineering).

    • And people like you are similarly fascinating, in that you can’t look at photographic PROOF and see that something is wrong with our media portrayal of beauty. I agree with you that yes, Gisele is a beautiful girl. She was beautiful BEFORE her surgery, but she has certainly had a nose job and implants at least, so it goes to show that the industry is so corrupted and so manipulative that even a beautiful person like Gisele had to undergo surgery to please them. What does that implicate for normal girls around the world? Who does she think she’s fooling if/when she claims she’s never had surgery? What does this say about society in general? It’s sad, and for fans like you to ignore it or downplay it is even sadder. 😦

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