The Gisele Bündchen bad luck POISON on Tom Brady & Patriots?

UPDATE March 12, 2012: Gisele Bundchen recently walked the runway for fashion designer Alexander Wang who is a ruthless Slave Driver Sweatshop Boss according to his 31 employees currently suing him in Court. Do not miss reading this: Ex-Employees Exposed the Dirty Laundry of Alexander Wang to the Chinese media with photos and evidence.

Update as of Feb 12, 2012:   (1) See this video in slow-motion. When Gisele cursed at teammates, you can see Bianca Wilfork (wife of Vince Wilfork in NE Patriots team) had a few seconds of the micro expression of “disgust” on her face – thanks to slow-motion video, you can see the micro-facial expression clearly. Bianca is obviously NOT happy with Gisele lashing out at the teammates including her husband Vince Wilfork. The other woman in the video with red highlights on her hair looked like Latisha Faulk (wife of Kevin Faulk in NE Patriots team).

(2) I noticed that Gisele has lots of wrinkles underneath her eyes in photos WITHOUT PhotoShop enhancements. Gisele is starting to look more and more like Germany’s aging tennis star Steffi Graf. Not surprising that Gisele may start to resemble Steff Graf since Gisele is a Brazilian of German ancestry. If you look at side-view photos of Gisele and Steffi, both have very similar nose feature. Due to the size of the photos, I had to put the photo comparisons on this blog post. Follow this LINK to see Gisele’s apparent wrinkles underneath her eyes and how she  is going to look like a few years from now. I’ve also added BEFORE and AFTER plastic surgery photos of Gisele. She obviously had nose job, and breast augmentation done on her. See the link for the photos.

Update as of Feb 10, 2012: I have included 2 new photos (see below in the blog). One photo is the bad Feng Shui newly constructed 22,000 square-feet home of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen in California. NOTE: I just found out Eli Manning and his family live in a modest 3,000 square feet apartment in the New Jersey waterfront. It’s a sensible size which won’t hurt Eli Manning’s luck. But living in a Mega Mansion over 22,000 square feet definitely would hurt. Give it a year, you will see the effect of bad Feng Shui from a jinx Mega Mansion. I hope Tom Brady moves in to the Mega Mansion ASAP! See the 2 new photos inserted below.

Update as of Feb 9, 2012: (1) My gut feeling tells me there is more behind Gisele’s cursing outburst right after the 2012 Super Bowl. Her nasty attitude may be a reflection on her tense and possibly shaky relationship with Tom Brady. NOTE: Gisele was totally disrespectful and insensitive because she was cursing at the Patriots teammates in front of their OWN wives and girlfriends. I recognize at least one wife, Bianca Wilfork, who had the misfortune of hearing Gisele cursed at the incompetence of Patriots teammates including her own husband, Vince Wilfork and others in the Patriots team. Celebrities cannot show their private inner side to the public, but their “shaking my head” behavior and body language often betray them. Don’t be fooled by those photos of Gisele consoling Tom Brady after losing 2012 Super Bowl! From some of the photos’ angles, you can see a large group of photographers surrounding them, so Gisele and Brady were simply putting on a Reality TV show for the photographers to sell some photos. Don’t forget both Gisele and Brady earn a living in front of the cameras. Think about it, a few days before the big game, why did Gisele write an e-mail to her close friends and family to pray for her husband’s victory at the Super Bowl? In Boston, people have been talking about the Gisele Jinx for years. In 2008, the NY Giants broke the NE Patriots’ perfect, uninterrupted win. And Gisele obviously felt very insecure this time, a repeat of 2008. When I began watching the 2012 Super Bowl, I couldn’t believe a so-called star QB such as Tom Brady could make a huge and dumb mistake so early in the game – delivering 2 Freebie points to the NY Giants just because he was *BLIND* – he couldn’t blame it on fatigue and exhaustion when it’s so early in the game, he didn’t see that he was stepping in the end zone for intentional grounding? Or was it because there were more that went on in the Brady household that got Tom Brady SO distracted – as in Jinxele in the way? If Gisele is not feeling the doubt and pressure from her husband, then she wouldn’t care. She would just be any other WAG in the big game. But no, Gisele really wanted to prove to the world that she’s not Boston’s most-hated Jinxele who brings Brady bad luck. And Gisele was still in denial after the game, blaming the teammates, saying Brady played the best game ever. Hmm,  the “best” game ever???? I thought Tom Brady was stupid to give the NY Giants the very first 2 Freebie Points in the 2012 Super Bowl by stepping into the end zone early in the game. It’s a big mistake on Tom Brady’s part. Or should we do the Gisele-impersonation and blame it all on the F**king teammates for Tom Brady’s inability to tell which is the end zone? See below, Gisele is hated by the other WAGs in the Patriots team. And Gisele obviously doesn’t have friends in the supermodel world, since they were very slow in expressing any kind of support for the arrogant Gisele’s cursing outbursts and guess which “loyal friends” of Gisele leaked the “Pray for Tom” e-mail to the New York Post tabloid? Wow, some seriously “loyal and good friends” that Gisele has – when we otherwise would call it an act of betrayal – to Gisele they are all her BFF!

(2) Maybe Tom Brady has been around his spoiled and arrogant wife for too long, he unwittingly insulted one of his favorite teammate by trashing Buffalo, NY. Did you know tight end Rob Gronkowski was born in Buffalo, NY and grew up in the Greater Buffalo area (Williamsville, NY)? But Tom Brady felt the need to trash Buffalo, NY. Whether it is the work of karma or not, I am “glad” to see Gronkowski injured his ankle, rendered him useless in the 2012 Super Bowl. So much for Tom Brady bashing Buffalo NY but ironically became so dependent on Buffalo-native Gronkowski on the game. Tom Brady is probably thinking, if Wes Welker was as tall as Gronkowski, maybe Welker wouldn’t have dropped the ball (LOL!). The Buffalo man has the right to celebrate the Patriots’ loss at the Super Bowl. After all, if I was Buffalo-native Gronkowski, I’d feel offended when someone trashes my hometown. Karma rules!

(3) Have you also noticed that Gisele doesn’t have any friends in both the modelling world and the WAG (Wives and Girlfriends of teammates) world? Only fellow Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima expressed half-baked support to the media by saying, “I think we should leave the girl (Gisele) alone” and then Lima quickly shifted the subject, busy hard-selling her Super Bowl TV ad for Four days after Gisele’s outburst, Adriana Lima was the only model expressing some support for Giselle while Lima was marketing for TeleFlora. Gisele must be busy calling her supermodel “friends” to show some fake support for her, the same loyal “friends” who leaked the “PRAY for Tom” e-mail to the New York Post tabloid. The same loyal “friends” who are on good terms with Gisele on the fake surface, but not on good terms with the arrogant Gisele in private. None of the WAGs have anything nice to say about Gisele, see these quotes they gave to the media. 

“Gisele has very few friends among the wives. Of course, many are jealous of her looks and all that, but she doesn’t make it easy to like her — since she obviously feels so superior to all of us.”

“Gisele is . . . so stuck up and treats them all like yahoos. . . . In many cases, the other wives are not all that sophisticated, but Gisele has been openly snotty to several of them — making cracks about how they dress and use too much makeup. Stuff like that.”

NOTE: I re-watched the Gisele cursing at the Patriots teammates video. Gisele was cursing right in front of the WIVES of the Patriots teammates. At first, I thought it was Gisele’s entourage walking with her to the elevator. On closer look, it appeared that the people around Gisele were the WAG (Wives and Girlfriends of the Patriots teammates). Out of all the people in the video, I only recognize Bianca Wilfork (wife of Vince Wilfork) who stood right in front of Gisele as Gisele was cursing about the teammates’ incompetence, but NOT her husband. Vince Wilfork is a defensive tackle in the NE Patriots. Therefore, Gisele was cursing the teammates with the FULL intention and awareness that she was surrounded by the wives of these same teammates.

If Tom Brady is asking “Why me?”, he has to ask himself if he had worried about Karma catching up with him when he broke up with his 3-months pregnant ex-girlfriend of 3 years, making her a single mother, and their son John Edward Brady a bastard child out of wedlock. Before I start the Gisele/Jinxele effect on Tom Brady and the NE Patriots, please read and help this cause. Please Help this Couple – parents of Baby Annie! Genetic Conditions “Osteogenesis Imperfecta” vs. Shaken Baby Syndrome. See this LINK to read their story. The parents of Baby Annie are held without bail (locked up in prison BEFORE trial) for more than 3 years in New York City, eventhough at least 5 direct family members of the mother of Baby Annie died at infancy age due to weak bone condition (Osteogenesis Imperfecta). Thanks for your attention!

NOTE: my Asian Buddhist friends have been talking about karma frequently. I did a study on politicians whose lives tend to mimic the 10-year karma period. If you want to read more examples about famous people and their 10-year Karma cycle, see this LINK to read my study on it. I also have Part 2 of 2 in the Karma study, see LINK here.

I’m not a football fan but as a New Yorker, I’m glad to see the NY Giants win the Super Bowl once again. I haven’t been following football news closely, but I do agree with the Gisele curse on Tom Brady and the NE Patriots.

The following is written by Susan Prima on the FB page of CBS New York, see LINK here. I couldn’t agree more with Susan Prima and the Business Insider columnist regarding the Gisele Bündchen Poison/Curse on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.


Tom Brady and the Patriots, despite great success in the regular season, have not won another Super Bowl since Gisele Bündchen and Brady began dating in 2006, and at least one columnist for the ‘Business Insider’ (see below) has suggested that the relationship may be cursed, as Brady (who was 3-0 in Super Bowls before leaving the mother of his first child for Bündchen) has failed for five straight years to win another NFL championship.

NOTE: Before the year 2006, the NE Patriots won the Super Bowls in 2002, 2004, and 2005 with Tom Brady as the winning Quarterback. And guess what? In 2006, Tom Brady began dating his “bad luck charm” Gisele Bündchen and then married her in 2009. Do you call it concidence or “bad luck poison” that the NE Patriots has NOT won a Super Bowl after its star QB Tom Brady began relationship with Gisele?  

MY personal take: (1) Recently, Gisele Bündchen is adding further curse to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots by building a $20 Million Mega Mansion in California. According to the unscientific *Feng Shui*, it’s bad luck for a small number of people to live in a 22,000 square-feet giant monster house. Ask any Feng Shui expert to explain to you why.

Take this Gisele: Eli Manning, his wife Abbie and daugther Ava live in a 3,000 square feet apartment in Hoboken, NJ. This modest space is a sensible size for the Manning family of 3. Whereas your 22,000 square feet, $20 Million Mega Mansion in Brentwood, California (pictured above) is a major Feng Shui killer. Just ask any Feng Shui consultants why your house is part of the jinx, too. So much for being a green environmentalist Gisele, you have killed a few thousands trees and grass to make room for the Mega Mansion, the front yard and back yard. This recently completed Mega Mansion will demonstrate the bad Feng Shui to you.

(2) Karma catches up with people. When Tom Brady’s ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan was 3 months pregnant, Tom Brady initiated the break up with Bridget for supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Bridget Moynahan is an actress on the current TV show “Blue Bloods” on CBS, Moynahan co-stars with Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck. Some may say Gisele was a homewracker, others may say Tom Brady was a cheater. In the future, I wonder if karma will turn up another twist whereby Tom Brady will leave Gisele Bündchen for yet another woman. Meanwhile, Bridget Moynahan has remained quite classy for a woman who had endured the ultimate betrayal in a relationship. I wish Bridget Moynahan well. NOTE: ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan has remained very classy and mum about being dumped by Tom Brady when she was 3 months pregnant in this interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine July 2008 issue, see LINK to interview.

Tom Brady making his “Bradying” pose after losing the 2012 Super Bowl.
Remember the 2008 Super Bowl? Gisele Bündchen infamously drank red wine from a champagne glass inside the Sky Box watching her then-boyfriend (now-husband) Tom Brady beaten by the NY Giants? Nice way for Gisele to mock American football fans who actually drink beer (not red wine) for the game. Is Gisele a secret closet-supporter of the NY Giants? Gisele = Jinxele to Tom Brady and NE Patriots?

In 2008, supermodel Gisele Bündchen was watching Super Bowl XLII while drinking a glass of red wine, enjoying and celebrating ?? her then-boyfriend (now-husband) Tom Brady beaten by the NY Giants.
See the Business Insider news LINK here or below.
Why The Knives Are Going To Come Out For Gisele If The Patriots Lose on Sunday

Tony Manfred|February 04, 2012|Business Insider 

Has Gisele Bundchen poisoned Tom Brady, undermined Bill Belichick, and cursed the New England Patriots for the rest of eternity?


The reality is this: the Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl since Gisele and Tom Brady started dating in the winter of 2007.

Pre-Gisele, the Brady-led Pats won three Super Bowls and looked primed to dominate the rest of the decade.

But then Gisele happened. And now look at them: zilch in five years.

As dumb as it is, we all know that New England has a penchant for latching onto irrational curses. The poet laureate of Boston sports, Bill Simmons, even acknowledge in his podcast this week that anti-Gisele hysteria is simmering below the surface in Patriotsland.

Yet another ridiculous storyline to add in to the mix tomorrow.

Thanks for reading my blog here meant for lighter issues and topics. You can read more serious topics such as: social issues, politics, etc on my other blog:



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9 responses to “The Gisele Bündchen bad luck POISON on Tom Brady & Patriots?

  1. I thought I was the ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET EARTH, who believed Tom Brady was reaping his sow (KARMA!)

    • Actually, my Asian friends who believe in Buddhism and karma all swear by it. Ever since Tom Brady dumped 3-months pregnant Bridget Moynahan, they’ve been saying his bad karma will come.

      • nnygiants4eva

        Lol you don’t have karma your whole life for one incident stupid article..can you explain him winning the MVP last year??? Getting to the Superbowl 5times is no way near karma if it is I’m sure every1 wants karma.Reggie bush won a ring 2yrs ago after cheating USC some karma

      • For a star QB like Tom Brady who had impressive wins on regular season, it IS punishment for him to be SOOOO close to winning, but lost it in front of 110 Million audience worldwide. I’m not a football fan, the only game I watch is the Super Bowl, so Super Bowl matters more than any regular season win or small-title MVP award. Because when Tom Brady dies someday, he won’t be remembered for the little MVP awards.

      • You don’t understand how a HIGH achiever think. When you’re Tom Brady who won the 2002, 2004 and 2005 Super Bowl, you’ve been enjoying the “God-Almighty Like” status in your football career. As mentioned in my blog, Tom Brady & NE Patriots had good regular season (yawn!) – the MVP award was based on his regular season (yawn!) NOT based on the BIG GAME: Super Bowl. Otherwise, it would have been Tom Brady (instead of Eli Manning) winning the MVP on Feb 5, 2012. But it isn’t simply because Tom Brady did lousy job throwing the balls on Feb 5, 2012. You don’t give MVP award on Super Bowl night to a loser like Tom Brady.

        Now Tom Brady’s star power is in question, like “is Tom Brady’s little “tom brady” doing too much overtime work with Gisele’s?”. Like I said, I’m not a football fan but I do watch the Super Bowl every year. It hurts a high achiever like Tom Brady much more to lose TWO Super Bowls in front of 110+ million viewers than it is to lose a small game, or win some itty-bitty MVP awards. When I read about football players, the emphasis is more on them winning the Super Bowl than some itty bitty MVP awards. BTW, I checked the Wikipedia page, I didn’t see any mention about Tom Brady winning the MVP last year.

  2. nnygiants4eva

    Lol shows you know nothing calling the MVP a small title haha then you say you don’t see anything bout a MVP cause you don’t want to see it he threw 4interceptions last I said karma don’t happen for years over one incident..actually he’s already a hall of famer and could retire now dude was fortunate to win 3 ring and went to 5 sb u can’t beat it..karma would be him never making it to playoffs again

    • Hey, see the new edit I did to my blog. I have included the LINKS on a Karma study I did on politicians. Whether you believe it or not, each person faces his/her 10-year Karma cycle. It’s much easier for me to do the Karma study on politicians because I like to read current events and politics, and because news reporters do extensive coverage on politicians and their elections.
      If Tom Brady really wanted to retire, he would have done it already. It’s best to retire at the Peak of your game than when your star is fading. That’s why people still talk about and worship Marilyn Monroe as an icon. But people looked at the old grandma Elizabeth Taylor and thought not much of it. Tom Brady looks very old for a 34-year-old.

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